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As I forgot to put charger plugged, the laptop got turned off and now the setup wouldn't continue. It opens and restarts again and again. Please help me . Is there any way that I can restore my genuine windows. I don't want to spend again to buy a genuine copy. Please help

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Ranjeet: It's real easy. I cant post the link or Yahoo will hide my answer by search for "Windows 10 ISO – Microsoft" You will find a link by that exact name. There is an instruction page showing you how to make a Win 10 USB installer. Make that and use it to reinstall Windows. They keys are now, usually stored in the bios so you don't need to worry about your key.

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Please tell me you did not attempt a restore on battery!!!😱😱😱😭😭😭😭 But if you did make with the windows 10 media marketing tool either a DVD or USB from another computer.

Reinstall windows 10 deleting all old partitions

When you get to product key skip it!

Windows 10 will automatically activate once your on the internet as long as it was installed once it will reactivate by itself.

No product key needed

Unfortunatly essential files needed have been lost or corrupt due to the PC losing power. The only way to continue is to reformat the hard drive and reinstall windows. This means anything stored on that hard drive is lost as well.

If there is important files on that drive you must recover, You will need to buy a new hard drive and install windows on it, Boot windows on the new hard drive then access the other drive to transfer files.

if your pc comes with genuine window than it will automatically update the setup just install the window again or call the software technical team of microsoft