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Satish Kumar:

1.Wireless internet enable the users to connect multiple devices with the network
2.It also makes it easier for the users, to move around within the network area freely and still maintain a connection to the internet
3.Users can share files and other resources with other devices that are connected to the network without having to be cabled to a port

1. When compared with wired networks, it is not that secure or faster
2. File-sharing transfer speeds are normally slower with wireless networks

Wired broadband:

1. More secure than wireless.
2. Usually faster than wireless.

1. lots of wired are a headache
2. Users location limited by need to use cable or connect to a port.

Shawn H:
I think you're lumping technologies together.

Broadband isn't provided wirelessly.

Wireless and Wired are references to Local Area Networks using a wired or wireless router.

Wireless at 2.4 GHz is good for distance but susceptible to interference

Wireless at 5.0 Ghz is good for short distance and less susceptible to interference

Wired is good up to 300 meters without a repeater and can be susceptible to interference if the wires are run over lighting ballasts or cheap cable is used.

Asif ul alam Shuvo:
Taco Dance:
Wired is better than wireless. It's about speeds and stability. Wireless may someday be faster than wireless but this will be due to the technology for gigabyte+ speeds for all users on a connected to a wireless tower becoming cheaper to deploy than the cost of running cable.
Wired is always better than wireless since you always have the occasional walls in the way and losing signal but if you wanted to obtain fast internet speeds all over the area without wiring the whole place up or planting signal extenders into the walls, you could get a very convenient power-line adapter
Depends on the locality. If your locality has good internet connectivity, then the Wired Broadband is best.

if you are living in the Remote areas, where the internet connectivity is weak, then the Wireless is good.

But, the WireLess is just worse than the Wired one.

True wireless Internet service only exists in very few locations, unless you subscribe to one of the services that provides hotspots around the country.

Broadband is a connection between an ISP and a modem (or combined modem/router). it DOES NOT carry either Ethernet or WiFi but employs multi-frequency analogue signals to carry many separate sub-channels that are combined in the modem to provide a digital signal into a single computer OR a router. Normally a broadband modem offers Ethernet or occasionally USB, but not both. In a combined modem/router the interface between the modem and router is not relevant to you.

If you have a wireless router, then the router can provide Ethernet and WiFi connection to your devices. These interfaces originate in the router and do not come from the ISP, who is only providing you with a connection to the Internet.

Ethernet provides a dedicated full duplex connection between your computer or games console and the router. WiFi provides a shared half duplex connection between your wireless devices and the router. In addition, WiFi can suffer from interference from other networks making it even slower.

Ethernet is always better.

I hope this helps.

Andy T:
What's the criteria of "better"? Nevermind, easy to say, wireless has only one advantage over wired, that's portability and derive from that phones and tablets usually can only connect via wireless, everything else the "win column" belongs to wired.
Dimo J:
Wire is faster, more secure, more reliable.
Wireless is easier to run.

Lazy people think wireless is better. Lazy people are stupid.

wired give you more speed then wireless but with wireless you have flexiblty to move around