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i looking for a software that download or/and install any printer and scanner when i put the usb of the device in my pc (because i lost the installation cd of that device)
is there a software like it ?
can any one give me the name of the software

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Are you looking for a new driver/software for lost software for your printer or scanner? If so, go go the manufacturer's website and look for the Support or Download section. Search for your model and the software should be there for you to download.

Give us the name and model of the item you're looking for and I'll see if I can find you a link.

there are programs that will search for updated drivers for installed devices. The problem with them is that they are filled with ads and want to take your money.

You are better off searching for the drivers yourself. Your best bet is to go the support section of the device's manufacturer's website. If the devices are too old, then you have to either get a new device, or I have had some luck forcing drivers for similar newer devices, or using drivers for older operating systems

You can download the software from the printer or scanner manufacturer's web site. Even if you had the CD you should download the latest version from their web site.
No. windows is not quite as "plug and play" as they claim. (thus the nickname of "plug and pray") You need the drivers for the exact devices you want to use. There is no universal driver package and Microsoft's "device detection" feature in Windows and their "update driver" features do not work most of the time. There are several "Driver Updating Utilities", but they are about useless and a waste of time and money. Most are outright scams.
Yes, just "Google" the exact name of that printer / scanner. From Google search results, click the manufacturer's website & download drivers
John D:
As was sort of said, type the exact name and model number into Google and add "drivers" at the end. It should take you right to the page.