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I got curious when I did a virus scan on MalwareBytes Anti-Malware, it said I got a PUP, people say that it is harmless but does do modifications.

I do know that PUP stands for "Potentially Unwanted Program".

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Every PUP is different and nobody here can tell what you have.. Malwarebytes shows you the location of the PUP then what I do is submit the file to the Virus Total web site for a very through scan using multiple security apps. Then you will have a better idea of what you have.
Virus Total has a right click menu program so in my computer I simply right click any file and scan it with Virus Total instantly.
Alays get a second opinion if you are not sure
Pups aren't harmless! They can load program after program after program if you get the pup called program of the day your computer will have 30 ad supported programs in one month!

Not very harmless at all run malware bytes and run you antivirus every week if you go on the internet

Smokies Hiker:
I usually delete the "PUP's" that are found by Malwarebytes on my computer. I've never had any problems with them, but why not delete them when found.
They're not harmful which is why they have their own category.
Big Mo:
If its "potentially unwanted" then it isn't a good thing. I quarantined and then later deleted the ones that Malwarebytes found on my computer.
They can become harmful, yes.
They can be and can become harmful.
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