Are "gaming" laptops also good for video editing?

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Kasey: Right this is going to be a super brief guide to help you pick a gaming laptop (so i'm saying its not extremely detailed for the purpose of the question so don't start fault finding lol).

Gaming laptops as such are usually quite powerful laptops, but there are literally thousands of variations that you need to look through so I'll try and help you as quick and as much as possible.

– So what you need to specifically look for in a gaming/video editing laptop is pretty simple actually. You will need at the very very least a quad-core i5 chip or for a more expensive option, you could go with a quad core i7. The cores and threads of the chip will handle heavy tasks like rendering with ease, it will greatly reduce the time it takes to render the video file.

– The next thing is the GPU. This is quite tricky but you will need at least a GTX 970M if you want to game and do video editing as this will graphically be 'good enough' to run things at a medium setting on games, while helping you edit videos with out 'slow down' when editing live. However I would consider a GTX 980M just to be safe.

– After this you will need to look into your RAM. For this 8GB will do you fine. Don't listen to all these idiots saying 'you need 16GB' because quite frankly you just don't! Applications will run fine, but you can also consider the type of RAM like DDR3 or the new faster DDR4, but you will need to invest a lot of money into a laptop with this type of RAM so don't bother.

– After all this you will need to look into your storage type. Now the way to go is 100% SSD as it has no moving parts and uses a NAND chip technology to quick store data. This means read and write speeds are much faster than your typical disk drive (HDD/SSHD) so for gaming this will reduce loading times and run games slightly more smother because of the data transfer and for your editing, saving and running files will be silky smooth and quick.

– Finally the monitor its self. This is something people overshadow and forget about, including me when I was young. You need to pick a solid display for editing purposes that will give you a good platform to edit on. so resolution is key here, also the type of screen can be taken into account. Be it a TN panel or even a IPS display that has been implemented into a laptop. The main thing is how the colours look on the screen. As an editor it's key to make sure your videos look good and all of your filters don't mess up because of your colour correction.

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That's the idea to have fast video rendering and processor speed, storage, ram. the two tasks are the same.
not as good as workstation cards aka quadro over gforce.