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I want to start building a pc and i know my parts will have to fit inside the case but i wanted to know if cases are just cosmetic, or if theres more to it. i want to make sure before i start buying.

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No. Pick a case that at least allows for decent amount of ventilation and and cable management. You wouldn't want all your precious hardware ruined from overheating and having wires everywhere when trying to adjust or upgrade things. So, get something of good quality with plenty of room; especially if this is your first build.
not really, my thought was the same like yours. But after watching china gaming pc.
the purpose of pc case just to protect your components from external damages e.g pests, water.

If you going for budget case, min requirements:
1. PSU slot should be at btm.
2. Able to hide wiring at the side panel.
3. Enough slots to fit your hard disk.
4. At least 2 pc casing fans… 1 inlet & 1 outlet.
5. big enough to fit your gpu.

USB 3.0 is optional..

Not exactly. There are a bunch of other features to consider:
-Number of drive bays
-PSU shroud? (so GPU exhaust doesn't heat up the power supply)
-Number and size of supported fans
-Number and size of included fans
-Does it have a fan controller?
-What front panel connectors does it have? (If you want VR try to find one that has front-panel HDMI-yes that is a thing on some newer cases)
-How much room is there behind the motherboard tray?
-How many expansion slots does it have?
Most of the Case is Cosmetic. But there is one important part you have to look at.
Does the Case have built in USB Ports? and their Location. I have a case where the USB ports are at the very top and easy to get to.
Location of USB Ports, Card Reader Slots, Audio Jacks, is what you need to look at.
Overall size, power supply placement (some at top, some at bottom), fans and grills for ventilation, number of drive bays, removable second side, window on primary side, and the ports and buttons wires.
james l:
the case may fit your parts, but how easy is it to run the wires

that's usually a big deal for most people

are the wires just stretched in a big mess across the inside of the case ?
do the wires get in the way of the fans and air flow ?

or are they routed nice and cleanly along the edges……