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I went to Best Buy yesterday and I saw just one small section of CDs and back then they had like 4 sections and in stores like Target and Wal-Mart there's like less CDs to.

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The Satanist: You can bet on it. If you think of the costs involved with producing CD/DVD's for the retail market you can understand why. Just think of what 1 employee costs a company per year in salary, medical insurance, other benefits, etc. and then add on the costs of manufacturing and distribution of the CD/DVD product it becomes nearly too expensive to bother. Now compare the cost to implement a few servers and pay a tech to maintain them. Then consider that companies are essentially charging as much for a download as they were for the CD/DVD version so you can see that the largest profit margin is in downloads and not in retail sales of CD/DVD's. This really pertains to everything … music; movies; software; etc. Hope this helps.

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The Satanist:
Yes. There used to be dozens of music shops near me plus all the big chains used to have a CD section. I don't think that hard copies of music will entirely die away though. That will become a niche market, but it might not specifically be CDs. Look at vinyl LPs. A decade ago we were told that they were no longer manufactured, yet they've seen a huge upswing in certain genres and you can buy brand spanking new turntables. It might not actually be a bad thing if CDs go niche. The last "mainstream" CDs have been of pretty terrible quality, both materially and how they were mixed with all the highs and lo's chopped off and over-compression. Franz Ferdinand's debut was the last album I can think of that truly made full use of a CD's capabilities and that was 2004, I think.
Best Bur and other physical stores are getting away from CD s not because of digital downloads, though digital downloads are reducing the size of the market…

What really kills retain stores is

And frankly what really kills Best Buy, is Amazon Prime
it is Absolutely worth the $100 a year for "prime" to not have to drive to BestBuy find parking about a dozen times a year…

I think they are down to one company making CDs. Just not popular anymore. With Amazon cloud and Itunes and a few others jumping in, don't need it. Besides you can pick up a 32 GB memory card for your phone or whatever, and keep thousands of songs on it. Many cars are using a web interface that include Pandora and streaming from your phone or other blue tooth device. I just checked and Hyundai still has a CD in the dash.

Do you want to pay $15 for a CD that has three songs you like, or pay 99 cents each for three three songs you want?

If you buy 30 CD,s you end up with 240 songs, and consume all that shelf space. You can put a lot more than 240 songs on uSD the size of your thumbnail.

Yes, CD, DVD & Blu-ray are slowly getting defunct as people switch to digital downloads on their high speed Internet connection

In few years from now, companies will stop producing CD/DVD writers & blank CD/DVD discs. They will disappear just like floppy disks

They're nowhere near as popular as they were 10 years ago, but I still buy them. Certain artists, like the Foo Fighters for example, I have a lot of their CDs and a few vinyls just to collect because it gives me more sentimental value than just a file on an iPod.
CDs aren't really popular anymore, because you can stream music and movies through a computer