Are blogs a gay thing?

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I'm worried because some guys said it is very gay.
and i would rather die than be a fag

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This question doesn't even make sense. Gay is a sexual orientation. How does blogging even relate to that at all?

Blogging is platform to talk about things you like, or post pictures or even videos. You don't even have to make your own content, you could just follow others bloggers.

Its like any other social media like Facebook or Twitter but with a bigger word limit and more posting options.

Who on Earth did told you that? Blog is perfect way to share thoughts, information and find people with similar tastes or views on life. And yes, blogging can be a very profitable source of income.
Blogs are less common than they used to be, which could be what those guys meant with that stupid comment.

Using the term "gay" as in not "normal" is deregatory and may be considered discriminatory in many places.

I suppose you're either young or a troll but you should learn to define yourself by your abilities and not what others think of you or which people interest you as possible mates.

No, It is used for just sharing things. Blog writing.
tell your friend blog is heterosexual he has no proof to say it as homosexual.Blog is the best way to convey your thoughts,even many SEO companies are using blog to promote their websites. It means that companies trust that they will get more viewers through blogs.
blogs are hip like radio
blogs are hip like radio
yes gay