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I bought a BRAND NEW, (not one that was originally win8 or win7,) laptop with windows 10 installed on it. But I love the look and feel of windows 7, and especially aero. Please don't link me programs to make win10 look like windows 7. Is there any way to downgrade for free

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Deacon K:
You would need a licensed copy of Windows 7. If you have one, then you MIGHT be able to downgrade for free.

Since this is a laptop, most of the hardware in it is going to be unique to that laptop. For it to work properly you will need Windows 7 drivers for all the hardware, Check the manufacturer's web site. If there are no Win 7 drivers, I would not recommend downgrading to Win 7. The hardware will not work right (if it works at all) and you will have crashes, memory issues, etc. Performance will suck.

In order to downgrade to Windows 7, you can not just install Windows 7. The install program will not let you install a lower version of Windows over a higher version. You have to completely clear the hard drive, remove all partitions, create new ones, and then format the drive(s) before installing Win 7. If you are not familiar with this process, you run a huge risk of making the hard drive no longer bootable.

You will also wipe all data that is on the laptop, any add on programs they gave you, any utilities designed to keep the laptop function properly, etc. Again, performance is likely to suffer.

Finally you void the warranty on the unit. Should you have issues with it the manufacturer will not assist you, repair it, etc.

But if you have a legal copy of Windows 7 and want to install it, you can.

" Is there any way to downgrade for free" No…

If you are really lucky, you may find a FULL or OEM Version of Windows 7 from an authorized Windows Operating System Vendor.

If you can't find Windows 7, you're stuck with Windows 10 OR you could try Linux Mint 18 Xfce (64 bit) for example. It's much like Windows 7.


You would have to buy Win 7 and install it over Win 10. Before you do so, make sure your computer can run an old operating systems. A lot of new motherboards are already being manufactured without legacy support for older OS is why. So just research your hardware (mainly your BIOS and motherboard but all of it actually) to see if there are Win 7 drivers for it. If so, then all you have to do is find a copy for sale (which will be somewhat of a challenge since it has long ago been discontinued from manufacture). But,, and are some examples of good places to start shopping because they are known for selling older copies of Win 7
No. You would need to buy a new Windows license. But it would be a waste of money, because Win 7 uses the old, insecure, BIOS system, while Win 10 uses the new secure trusted boot sequence in the UEFI. Sobit would never boot into Win 7.
Higgy Baby:
Are you attached to your new computer???

Why not sell it? Don't worry, if you already don't like it- then no big loss.
You will have to take a value hit for a few bucks$$…but no sweat. Sell it.

Then go online to walmart or amazon and look for a refurbished computer with win 7 on it. You can do fairly well for $200-300. Many will still be under warranty. You may easily find a better computer than your had.

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You will need a licensed copy of Windows 7.