Any laptops under $300 that meet requirements below?

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-10gb Hard Drive
-Intel core i5 or faster
-keyboard and mouse
-internet connection
-64 bit windows 7, 8, or 8.1
-Sound Card directx 9.0c
-nvidia gtx 650 or better

Other answer:

Yup Lenovo x220 tablet PC on eBay 8 gig ram fast i5 or i7 with DVD and absolutely the fastest baddest 12.5 inch laptop you will ever see .supports virtualization rates a solid 4.5 in the index and out performs any laptop under $1200 out there.

And you can get one under $300 on eBay with a 1 year warranty!

I'm the PC doctor I've bought several and the x220 is darn impressive small screen but darn fast!

I'm guessing that's the specs of the game you want to play?

Not going to happen at that price.

You can probably find a used i5 desktop for ~200, and add a $100 GPU to that, and have a cheapo gaming PC, but as the others say, you aren't going to get a laptop with a dedicated GPU for that money

It depends on what you need it for. If you want it just for web browsing, email, and office document processing, then you can find a laptop for under $300.

Beyond that, it will cost you more than $300

All you did was list system requirements.

My answer is no. No laptop for under 300 can run this game.

No you can't. Plus laptops don't use GTX 650 graphics you mental retard. Don't buy a laptop as they suck really badly, and plus a 10GB Hard Drive? are you a mental retard? that's barely enough for a modern windows operating system, or 1 game for that matter, this isn't the Windows XP days, people have hard drives like 320GB-3TB these days you idiot. And plus there are no DirectX 9 sound cards you autist, DirectX is a GPU APi you mentally retarded braindamaged idiot.
Only in your imagination. Particularly so when you add a 10GB hard drive, an i5 and a non-integrated graphics card. New ones won't generally ship with obsolete Windows versions either, and Win 8 was particularly atrocious plus hogs far more system resources than Win 10.
No way will you find anything with those specs for $300 and below. Those specifics can cost at least $900
I will give you 1 review at your app for $5
4 reviews for $15
Nope. You won't find a dedicated video card for less than $500-$600