A Computer Cannot Boot if it does not have the…..?

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a. Compiler
b. Loader
c. Operating System
d. Assembler

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《☆ThE C00L B0Y★》: Operating system.
(you don't need a compiler or an assembler unless you are writing a new program, loader is a part of
the operating system that is used to load programs after booting).

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《☆ThE C00L B0Y★》:
The answer would have to be the loader. It's true that the loader is part of the operating system, but the operating system cannot load into memory until the loader part of it loads it into memory.

To look at it another way, if the operating system didn't contain a loader then it wouldn't be able to load into memory and run to start with. So at startup, everything depends on the loader part of the operating system (after the BIOS does it's thing).

Loader because Loader loads the program from your ROM to your RAM that is starting settings and basic compilated files of an OS! After that OS will work on to work everything until the computer shuts down when the basic program is again written on the ROM for the next Startup.
Smokies Hiker:
Operating System.
whaellllllll…….. there is a boot loader…. but the answer dosent say boot loader soooo……

C. Operating System.

technically the bios is BOOTING, But what ever 🙂

C.Operating System
usually it's the os, but if you somehow install it wrong so the mbr (master boot record) is missing.
You are talking about the kernel of the operating system ?